Sep 2013 Edition of Measure IT Hits the Stands


The September issue of  Measure IT has hit the stands. Measure IT is CMG’s premier magazine focusing on Performance & Capacity Management related topics. The topics covered in this months issue are:

Measure IT – September 2013

  • About the Issue – Link
  • Transaction Structure : The part is not the whole by Peter V Eijk – Link
  • The Eureka Moment by Stephen Balzac –  Link
  • WILTM : Speciality Engine Saving Challenges by Scott Chapman – Link
  • Midwest CMG August Meeting Report by Margaret Greenberg – Link
  • Setting Processor Affinity on Linux by Alex Podelko – Link
  • Brazil CMG Conference 2013 Report by Steve Guendert – Link
  • St. Louis Quarterly Meeting Report by Wayne Allen – Link
  • Technical Debt and why it matters to Capacity Managers by John Rhodes – Link
  • Event notices for national and international chapters by Tom Kelman – Link
  • Book Review by Steve Guendert – Link

You can also read the articles here – Link