Working Towards Formulating Our Vision & Mission Statement

At CMG Australia our Vision and Mission statements are a bold affirmation of where we want to go, what will we do to get there and how we see the ecosystem around us evolving. CMG Australia has been in existence for more than 30+ years and this is a new chapter in its life. Everyone with interests in the science and art of Proactive Systems Performance Management is invited to participate, learn, grow and build a stronger and more mature market place along the way.

Every organization on this planet exists for a reason. Some organizations have a purpose to bring about social change while others might exist to conduct business and benefit it’s members through commercial gain. Either ways an organizations purpose provides it a sense of direction and commands it to perform certain actions. Without a purpose both organizations and individuals will lack direction, go astray and will eventually cease to exist.

  • Articulating a Vision with a corresponding Mission helps the organization and it’s members articulate and confirm its purpose
  • Articulating a Vision and a Mission helps the organization focus it’s limited resources on achieving it’s objectives
  • Articulating a Vision and Mission helps an organization formulate a plan, track progress and make sure it’s on track towards delivering the change it intends to bring about.

Our Vision will remain unchanged as the environment around us changes, while our Mission will change to adapt to the environment around us and ensure that we are focused on our vision.

Those of you with interests in Systems Performance Engineering and the science of Proactive Performance Management should sign up and drop in to our forth coming meeting here in Melbourne. Those of you with similar interests not located in Melbourne can still participate through a web conference.

We invite you to read our Vision & Mission statement at Link.