Counting down to CMG’s First Meetup – Dec 4th 2013

It’s an exciting time here in Melbourne, spring’s here (the warm weather still eludes us but we’ll get there), summer is round the corner but more importantly many CMGites are working hard behind the scenes to get the logistics sorted out for our upcoming CMG Australia meeting early next month i.e. December 4th 2013. There’s a lot happening behind the scenes with numerous CMGites doing the hard yards getting all the logistics sorted out in preparation for the first CMG Australia meeting to be held in a long time.

I thought it best go give guys a heads up on what’s been happening behind the scenes. However, to get the details you will need to sign up at the CMG Australia Meetup Group and drop in at the CMG meeting early next month here in Melbourne. But for now I’ll leave you with a summary of events.

Reaching out to our senior CMGites – We’ve been reaching out to a lot of the past CMG Australia members to get their input, feedback and support on our vision for CMG Australia. We’ve had numerous conversations, shared our vision of the future with the objective of getting input, feedback and support for the work we want to do as part of CMG Australia. A lot of the past members have been very supportive of the work we want to do and have provided us relevant feedback, input and support. It’s good to have their input and most importantly know that we are on the right path. We respect the work they’ve done in keeping CMG Australia going over the last couple of decades and it’s now an opportunity for us to step up, take control and steer the organization through the challenges we face in a constantly changing economy.

Support from Partners & Members – What would CMG Australia be without it’s Professional members and Partners. We’ve had an amazing response and fantastic words of support from our Professional Members including Member Organizations. Our Professional Members and Member Organizations have been supporting us by spreading the word and helping us out with the logistics associated with the upcoming event. We truly appreciate the support they are providing us in getting CMG Australia started. Our Members are also out there canvassing for additional support within their organizations trying to get as many professionals along to participate and make a difference here at CMG Australia. You can see our Member Organizations at Link.

Our Vision & Mission Statement – It’s taken us a few months and a few dozen coffee’s at some of Melbourne’s most interesting coffee shops. We’ve had conversations with some very interesting and influential people with interests in Systems Performance and have attempted to put together a Vision and Mission statement for us here at CMG Australia. This obviously is just the start and we will are looking to input from our members and partners on refining this Vision and Mission statement. You can check out the Vision & Mission statement through the following link.

Our Vision and Mission statements are a bold affirmation of where we want to go, what will we do to get there and how we see the ecosystem around us evolving. Every CMG members is called upon to contribute and work together towards ensuring that we have a strong ecosystem, a industry platform for both professionals and partners working towards addressing the lack of maturity in the Systems Performance Engineering space across Australia. We would like to have your input on refining the Vision and Mission statement for CMG Australia.

Educational & Research Partnerships – As part of our vision here at CMG Australia we are keen to work closely with educational institutions and research organizations. Our work with Educational Institutions will be focused around bridging the skills gaps and getting students excited about the work we do around Proactive Systems Performance Management.  Our work with Research Organizations would be around providing our Professional Members and Partner organizations an opportunity to pool resources and work on challenges that are relevant to them but can’t be addressed by any one single individual or organization working in isolation. We’ve got some interesting announcements coming up in this space and we’ll give you more details as they come along.

Overall, we’ve made some positive progress over the last couple of months and the support from our Professional Members and Members Organizations has truly been inspiring. Come and join the action, it’s all happening on the 4th of December 2013. Details of the venue will be updated soon so please sign up to the CMG Australia Meetup group and stay in touch.

Admin@CMG Australia