Translation Our Vision & Mission To Practical & Achievable Initiatives

CMG Australia’s vision is to create an industry platform for Professionals, Individuals, Research & Educational Organizations, Vendors & Services Organizations with interests in aspects of Systems Performance Engineering (Includes various aspects of Proactive/Reactive Performance Management across the SDLC). Articulating a clear Vision and Mission for CMG Australia is just the start and through the rest of 2013 we will be working with our members and partners on identifying and prioritizing initiatives that need to be focused on.

Our initiatives at CMG Australia will be guided by our Vision & Mission and will be focused on advancing the adoption of practices around Proactive Performance Management, bridging the skills gap, encouraging innovation and bringing industry professionals and decisions makers together on one platform to build a stronger ecosystem conducive to growth.

We’ve created a new section on our Initiaties at  Link. The initiatives that CMG Australia will focus on include –

  • Monthly CMG Meeting
    • Speakers would include our CMG professional members including professionals from across the Industry
    • Topics would include, Software Performance Engineering, DevOps, Agile, Mobile Performance, Professional Improvement, Proactive Performance Management, Cloud Performance Management, Innovation, etc.
    • Invite our member partner organizations to share information on their latest products, product related concepts, sharing of case studies including live demonstrations
  • Collaboration with other professional and industry organizations
    • As professionals to stay relevant we need to collaborate and learn from our peers with interests in other areas across ICT
    • We will look forward to building professional relationships with other relevant professional and industry organizations
    • This will include participation in workshops, speaking at conferences and networking with other professional bodies around Australia
  • Collaboration with Academia & Research –
  • At CMG Australia we see a great opportunity in working closely with our Academic and Research Institutions across Australia
    • The objective is to offer students studying ICT related courses the opportunity to hear from professionals first hand about the –
      • Challenges the IT industry faces with regards to Performance & Capacity Management
      • The tools used across the industry to address Proactive Performance & Capacity Management
      • Use of Proactive Performance Management practices across the SDLC while stressing on the savings and opportunity that comes along
      • Potential career opportunities in Systems Performance Engineering across the SDLC
      • Provide students with research interests guidance on areas of focus and industry relevant experience, data and case studies
    • Offer our Research Organizations a platform that encourages –
      • Interaction with industry professionals and our partner member organizations
      • The opportunity to connect interested professionals and member organization to pilot innovative frameworks and concepts
      • Conduct industry workshops and seminars with an objective of furthering and supporting their own research interests
  • Industry Webinars & Workshops  –
    • These are events that are conducted by our professional members, academic/research members and our partner members
    • These events address topics relates to Systems Performance Engineering and practices of Proactive Performance Management
    • These events will be open to professionals across the industry
    • These events offer our professional members, academic/research and partner members the opportunity to talk about relevant concepts and demonstrate the application of the concepts through their in-house capability, proprietary frameworks including commercial off the shelf products
  • SPE Standards and BoK (Body Of Knowledge) –
  • Work with our professional members and partner member organizations on building a Body Of Knowledge that addresses –
    • Proactive Performance Management practices across the SDLC
    • Career path for individuals and professionals with interests in Systems Performance
    • Generic set of Roles and Responsibilities across the SDLC to address Proactive Performance Management
    • Develop training content to educate professionals on the practices of Proactive Performance Management across the SDLC

As we’ve mentioned earlier we will be working with our professional members on find tuning of our Vision & Mission statement. We will also be working on identifying relevant initiatives that CMG Australia will focus on over the next few years.