CMG Meetup 2nd April 2004

The next CMGA Meetup is here and the crowd is getting bigger. The highlight of our upcoming meetup is a talk by our guest speaker from NICTA, Liming Zhu. Liming Zhu  is a Principal Researcher & Research Leader, Software Systems Research Group, NICTA. To learn more about the research that NICTA is doing in the SPE (Systems Performance Engineering) space please visit – Link.

We would like to thank JKVine Consulting  ( who have offered to host the next CMG Australia Meetup. Light refreshments (Pizza & Beer) will be provided thanks to JKVine Consulting ( We invite all those with interests in SPE (Systems Performance Engineering) to signup at Meetup (CMG Australia Meetup) and drop in for some Beer/Pizza. Please do not forget to RSVP for at the CMG Australia Meetup page (Link) The agenda for the upcoming CMG Australia meetup includes:

  • Business : 15mins (General update, Academic Workshops, Industry Day, CMGA Registration)
  • 1.5 Hrs : Guest Speaker + Tech Talks (Un-conference format)
  • Networking : 15mins

Guest Speaker – Liming Zhu (Principal Researcher & Research Leader, Software Systems Research Group, NICTA) has offered to come over from Sydney and talk to us about the work he and his group are doing within SPE (Systems Performance Engineering) at NICTA. It will be a great opportunity to understand what NICTA is doing in the SPE space and bounce ideas on areas of collaboration / discussions / workshops going forward.

Topic – Dependable Operation
Duration – 35mins + QA – 10mins

Brief – “Modern large-scale applications experience sporadic changes due to operational activities such as upgrade, redeployment, on-demand scaling and interferences from other simultaneous operations. This poses new challenges in system monitoring, capacity planning, performance management, error detection and diagnosis.  For example, the traditional anomaly-detection-based techniques are less effective during the “sporadic” operation period as a wide range of legitimate changes confound the situation and make performance baseline establishment for “normal” operation difficult. 

The increasing frequency of these sporadic operations (e.g. due to continuous deployment) is exacerbating the problem. In this talk, we will introduce a number of ongoing research activities at NICTA addressing these issues. For example, we propose the Process Oriented Dependability (POD) approach, an approach that explicitly models these sporadic operations as processes and uses the process context to filter logs, traverse fault trees and conduct adaptive monitoring. “

We intend for CMG to be a platform for professionals, vendors, educational and research organizations with interests in Systems Performance. Come, join us and be part of the transformation. We’ve got an exciting future ahead, lots of interesting initiatives to partake in and lots of fun challenges to work on.

It’s going to be an exciting meetup with a great guest speaker and interesting discussions as usual around topics related to SPE (Systems Performance Engineering).

Let’s work together to ensure we stay relevant in an evolving marketplace.

Please RSVP at the following link – CMG Australia Meetup.

Leadership Team, CMG Australia