Minutes Of Meeting – CMG Australia Meetup April 2nd 2014

This post wraps up the third CMG Australia Meetup held on the 2nd of April 2014. Another action packed, tech talk filled and networking oriented CMG Australia Meetup comes to a close. We thank all of our members and partners (commercial, academic & research) for their support in making the meetup a success.

It was great catching up with our members again and have a chin wag on things that matter to us SPE (Systems Performance Engineering) professionals. From an Executive Committee Standpoint, we enjoyed participating in the session as much as organizing it. In-fact at the CMG Australia executive committee we are already looking forward to the next one. This post at CMG Australia presents some of the highlights of the CMG Australia Meetup held on the 2nd of April 2014 and also serves as the minutes of the meeting.

The CMG Australia Meetup held on the 2nd of April 2014 was attended by 29 CMGites and was held at Level 1, Campari House located in the heart of the Melbourne CBD. You can find details of the event at the CMG Australia Meetup website – Link.

Highlights – The highlight of the CMG Australia Meetup on the 2nd of April was a talk by our guest speaker from NICTA, Liming Zhu. Liming Zhu  is a Principal Researcher & Research Leader, Software Systems Research Group, NICTA. To learn more about the research that NICTA is doing in the SPE (Systems Performance Engineering) space please visit – Link.

CMG members gathered at Campari House and networked over a beer until the guest speaker was ready. The session kicked off at 18000 Hrs AEST. Kevin Ross (VP, CMG Australia) welcomed the participants and introduced the speaker, Liming Zhu from NICTA. Kevin then spoke about the planned collaboration with Swinburne which included quarterly workshops and the upcoming Industry day. Kevin requested those interested in conducting or assisting with the workshops to contact the Committee. Volunteers were sought to assist with the planning of the industry day.

Kevin then introduced the guest speaker Liming Zhu and handed over to Liming for rest of the session. Liming Zhu started off by introducing himself and gave the audience some background on the work being done at NICTA. Liming Zhu’s presentation was about his work at NICTA focused on – Dependable Operations, Performance Management and Capacity Planning Under Continuous Changes.  The presentation concluded shortly before 1900 Hrs AEST and a short Q&A session followed.


Brief of Liming Zhu’s topic – “Dependable OperationsModern large-scale applications experience sporadic changes due to operational activities such as upgrade, redeployment, on-demand scaling and interferences from other simultaneous operations. This poses new challenges in system monitoring, capacity planning, performance management, error detection and diagnosis.  For example, the traditional anomaly-detection-based techniques are less effective during the “sporadic” operation period as a wide range of legitimate changes confound the situation and make performance baseline establishment for “normal” operation difficult.” 

JKVine (jkvine.com) was thanked for providing the venue, and the food and drink. The next CMGA Meetup was scheduled for the first week of June, and volunteers were sought from the partners to host the next meeting. At 1910 Hrs AEST pizzas were delivered and the members networked over beers and pizza until 2030 Hrs AEST.


Overall it was a great session, with a really interesting presentation by one of CMGA’s partners. We are thankful to Liming Zhu for taking the trouble and coming to Melbourne from Sydney and sharing with us the work being done at NICTA in the SPE (Systems Performance Engineering) space. We look forward to more collaboration with Liming Zhu and NICTA over the coming months and years. A recording of Liming Zhu’s presentation including pictures from the event are provided below.


We thank JKVine (jkvine.com) and especially Nick Singh for all their support in making the event happen and for being such wonderful hosts. We truly appreciate their collective generosity and look forward to working with JKVine (jkvine.com) very closely here at CMG Australia.

Closing Notes – From an Executive Committee standpoint we would like to thank each and every CMGite who took the opportunity to come to the meetup, participate in the session, support the event, shared their knowledge and helped make it successful. We appreciate your support and your dedication towards helping build CMG Australia. A special thanks also to Michael Foster for assisting with the Video Recording and to JKVine for hosting the meetup.

As part of the executive committee at CMG Australia we look forward to working with you on building a strong professional organization focused on the interest of its members including the society we all live in. Our vision for CMG Australia is to be an organization that helps its members stay relevant, promoting the concepts of SPE across the SDLC, while fostering innovation and entrepreneurship through its various professional forums.

Upcoming CMG Australia Meetup – We are working with our partners on the logistics for the next CMG Australia Meetup. Details on the event and speakers to follow. We look forward to seeing you at the next CMG Australia Meetup on the 4th of June 2014. For more details please visit:

CMG Australia Website – cmga.org.au or cmgaus.org

CMG Australia Meetup Website to RSVP – http://www.meetup.com/CMG-Australia

Pictures taken at the CMG Australia Meetup on the 2nd of April 2014 –

Video Recording of the presentation at CMG Australia Meetup on the 2nd of April –