Java Performance : The Definitive Guide

“Java Performance : The Definitive Guide” by Scott Oaks will soon hit the book shelves through Oreilly. Our resident Java Guru Jason Koch (LinkedIn)  brings you a sneak preview of what the book has to offer. Jason Koch is a Java Performance Architect with 6 years technical delivery experience spent working across various organization functions that include support, technology, architecture including application design and development.

I had the opportunity recently to review an early release edition of Java Performance: The Definitive Guide, put together by Scott Oaks, who is introduced as having been a part of the Java Performance Group at Sun Microsystems and Oracle for at least 15 years. The book targets experienced Java developers who have a need or interest in making their software run a little faster. The focus is mostly on tuning the application after it has been put together, as opposed to early architecture or tuning decisions. Of course, being an early release, only a few chapters were available at the time of review so more content is likely to come available. This makes the book suitable primarily for somewhat experienced developers who are new to performance tuning. Given the nature of the book, it should also be somewhat accessible material for a sysadmin who needs to understand how to tune a Java application, possibly with the support of a developer.

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