CMG MeasureIT April 2014

MeasureIT is CMG’s premier magazine focused on topics and issues related to Systems Performance Engineering. CMG has just released the April 2014 release of MeasureIT which you can access at Link.

You can also access MeasureIT below –

Measure IT – April 2014

  • Enterprise Applications in the Cloud A Roadmap to Workload Characterization and Prediction by Leonid Grinspan– Link
  • An Operational Analysis Primer – Part 1 by Tom Wilson – Link
  • Fantasy Games Create Real Leaders by Steve Balzac – Link
  • What i Learned this month – Pony Motors by Scott Chapman – Link
  • Events & Notices by Tom Kelman – North America Chapters & International Chapters

For a consolidated list of MeasureIT monthly releases please go to Link.