Call Presentations & Papers – CMG Performance & Capacity 2014

The Computer Measurement Group (CMG) calls for papers and presentations for CMG’s 40th International Conference to be held in Atlanta, GA, November 3rd through 6th, 2014.
The Performance and Capacity 2014 by CMG conference will cover all areas of systems management, including but not limited to: capacity planning, IT service management, application performance management, performance engineering and testing, as well as the latest developments in the overall field of computer performance evaluation.  See the Call for Papers at Call for Papers.  The Call for Workshops is at  Call for Workshops.


Papers are categorized as Introductory, Tutorial, Advanced, or User Experience.  We want to especially encourage you to consider writing a User Experience paper. Every year, the conference evaluations show a common theme: “More User Experience Papers, please!” You don’t need to be one of the field’s superstars to write one — in fact, they seem to work better from people who are just working in the field, in non-IT companies and government bodies.  Just tell us what problem you faced, how you went about figuring out what the cause was, and how you dealt with it.  Mentors are available for writing assistance and may be requested at any point in the writing process, including before the paper is started.  Just go to for assistance.

Paper submission through the CMG website is now available.  For more information, go to  Paper Submission Guidelines.

Please send questions to the Conference Program Chair, Kathy Steffens at