Next CMGA Meetup Is Just Round The Corner – June 4

The next CMGA Meetup is almost here and the crowd is getting bigger as always. Seating is limited so please grab a seat while you can. The highlight of our upcoming CMGA June meetup are talks by Appdynamics/Ecetera and Prof. John Grundy from University of Swinburne.

CMG Australia partners AppDynamics & Ecetera have offered to host the next CMG Australia Meetup. Light refreshments (Beer, Pizza, etc.) will be provided. The June meetup will be held at Ecetera’s premises and is being jointly sponsored by AppDynamics CMG_Int_Large_Scaled& Ecetera.

The agenda for the next meeting includes:

• Business : 15mins

  • CMGA Industry Day 2014 in collaboration with Swinburne – Agenda, Sponsors, Speakers, etc.
  • Update on Academic Workshops
  • Industry Apprenticeship in collaboration with Swinburne
  • Misc

• Speakers – 

  • eCetera/AppDynamics -45mins
    • Topic – Dumb & Dumber : How Smart is Your Monitoring Data?
    • Speaker – Andrew Bearsley. Andrew has over 20 years experience in Performance Testing & Application Performance Management having worked in technical roles for Compuware, Mercury, HP, ca Technologies and now AppDynamics.
    • Details – Big Data is all the rage right now. Everyone from a social media company to your grandmother’s online knitting store is suddenly a big data shop. Application monitoring tools are no exception from this trend – they collect gigabytes of monitoring data from your application every minute. But most of this data is useless. It’s dumb data. More data isn’t better if the data you’re getting from your tools isn’t helping you do your job – in fact, it’s a real problem.
      In this session AppDynamics will cover how to be smarter about collecting monitoring data, and how to ensure that the data we’re collecting is intelligent
  • University of Swinburne –  30mins
    • Topic – Experiences in Software Performance Engineering & Vision for CMGA Partnership
    • Speaker  – John Grundy is Professor of Software Engineering and Dean of the School of Software and Electrical Engineering at Swinburne University of Technology.
    • Details – Prof. Grundy has been researching performance engineering tools for many years and will speak on his group’s work on enterprise system modelling and performance engineering tools, and his current cloud system modelling and energy / performance analysis tool set. He will briefly describe a new R&D initiative in conjunction with the National ICT Australia on Software Systems, and discuss ideas for potential collaboration on performance engineering and  other software engineering areas with CMG members. He will also provide contact information and overview opportunities to speak to current ICT students and host ICT student projects, for CMG members to influence the next generation of ICT practitioners and performance engineers.
  • Tech Talk (Un-conference format) – 1.0 Hrs (As time permits)

• Networking : 20mins

Thanks to Simon Matschoss (eCetera) and Andrew Brockfield (AppDynamics) for putting their hand up and helping us out with the location including nibbles and drinks. We appreciate the support from AppDynamics and eCetera. large_meetup_logo

Also, thanks to Prof John Grundy (Professor of Software Engineering and Dean of the School of Software and Electrical Engineering at Swinburne University of Technology) for taking the time to come down and share with us his vision for our partnership including various initiatives with CMGA.

RSVP Mandatory – CMGA is growing in size and attendance at our meetups is growing larger. To keep things manageable we have limited the number of seats for the upcoming meetup to 30.  Please note RSVP’s now end 24Hrs before the actual event i.e. on the 3rd of June at 1745 Hrs AEST. This allows us to work with our partners and ensure all the logistics required are in place. Head off to Meetup (you can click on the Meetup image on this page) to RSVP and confirm your attendance or you can Click Here.

If any of you have any suggestion/input/concerns with regards to the above agenda please reach out to the exec committee.

We intend for CMGA to be a platform for professionals, vendors, educational and research organizations with interests in Systems Performance to come together with an objective of building a stronger ecosystem encouraging innovation and thought leadership in SPE across the industry.

Come, join us and be part of the transformation. We’ve got an exciting future ahead and lots of great challenges to work on.

Let’s work together to ensure we stay relevant in an evolving marketplace.

CMG Aus Exec Committee