Minutes Of Meeting – CMG Australia Meetup June 4th 2014

Fourth CMGA Meetup comes to a close – This post wraps up the fourth CMG Australia Meetup held on the 4th of June 2014. Another action packed, tech talk filled and networking oriented CMG Australia Meetup comes to a close. We thank all of our members and partners (commercial, academic & research) for their support in making this meetup a success.

It was great catching up with our members again and have a chin wag on things that matter to us SPE (Systems Performance Engineering) professionals. From an Executive Committee Standpoint, we enjoyed participating in the session as much as organizing it. In-fact at the CMG Australia executive committee we are already looking forward to the next one. This post at CMG Australia presents some of the highlights of the CMG Australia Meetup held on the 4th of June 2014 and also serves as the minutes of the meeting.

The CMG Australia Meetup held on the 4th of June ap2014 was attended by 40 CMGites and was held at Ecetera’s (www.ecetera.com.au) offices located in the heart of the Melbourne CBD. CMGA membership currently stands at around 71 members and seems to growing everyday. As a result, participation in CMGA Meetups are now on first come first serve basis due to the limited nature of seating available. It’s unfortunate that we have to limit the participation at these events but limiting participation ensures that we are able to suitably cater to the audience. You can find details of the event at the CMG Australia Meetup website.

Meetup Highlights – The meetup kicked off at 1745 Hrs AEST with CMGites networking, tucking into some lovely fresh pizzas and beer courtesy AppDynamics & Ecetera. The tech sessions kicked off at around 1800 Hrs. Our guest speakers for the day included Dr. John Grundy and Andrew Bearsley.

Dr. John Grundy was the first to take to the floor and kicked of the first session.

  • Session 1 –  Prof. John Grundy, Swinburne – Joint Initiatives & Current Areas Of Research Focus  (30 mins)
  • Speaker – John Grundy is Professor of Software Engineering and Dean of the School of Software and Electrical Engineering at Swinburne University of Technology.
  • Details – Prof. Grundy has been researching performance engineering tools for many years and will speak on his group’s work on enterprise system modelling and performance engineering tools, and his current cloud system modelling and energy / performance analysis tool set. He will briefly describe a new R&D initiative in conjunction with the National ICT Australia on Software Systems, and discuss ideas for potential collaboration on performance engineering and  other software engineering areas with CMG members. He will also provide contact information and overview opportunities to speak to current ICT students and host ICT student projects, for CMG members to influence the next generation of ICT practitioners and performance engineers.

Dr. John Grundy’s presented to the audience the research that Swinburne has been doing in the areas surrounding Systems Performance Engineering. Dr. John Grundy also focused on different collaboration opportunities talking about how potentially could CMGA and it’s partners work more closely with Swinburne.

The second session of the day was conducted by Andrew Bearsley from AppDynamics.

  • Session 2 – eCetera/AppDynamics -45minsTopic – Dumb & Dumber : How Smart is Your Monitoring Data?
  • Speaker – Andrew Bearsley. Andrew has over 20 years experience in Performance Testing & Application Performance Management having worked in technical roles for Compuware, Mercury, HP, ca Technologies and now AppDynamics.
  • Details – Big Data is all the rage right now. Everyone from a social media company to your grandmother’s online knitting store is suddenly a big data shop. Application monitoring tools are no exception from this trend – they collect gigabytes of monitoring data from your application every minute. But most of this data is useless. It’s dumb data. More data isn’t better if the data you’re getting from your tools isn’t helping you do your job – in fact, it’s a real problem.  In this session AppDynamics will cover how to be smarter about collecting monitoring data, and how to ensure that the data we’re collecting is intelligent

Andrew did an excellent job at making the session interactive and spoke about relevant challenges that SPE professionals deal with on a daily basis. AppDynamics also presented some give aways to members of audience encouraging participation throughout the session.

Trevor took to the floor, thanked our hosts AppDynamics and Ecetera for hosting the session. Trevor also thanked our speakers for taking the effort and presenting at the CMGA Meetup. The second session was followed by a brief networking session before things were wrapped up.

Closing Notes – We thank AppDynamics and Ecetera (www.ecetera.com.au) for providing CMGA with the Meetup venue, the food and drink. The next CMGA Meetup has been scheduled for the first week of August, and volunteers were sought from partners to host the next meeting. Overall it was a great session, with interesting presentations by CMGA’s partners and members. We are thankful to all our speakers for taking the trouble, coming down and sharing with us their knowledge & their experiences in the SPE (Systems Performance Engineering) space. We look forward to working closely with all our our members and partners in building an innovative and sustainable ecosystem.

From an Executive Committee standpoint we would like to thank each and every CMGite who took the opportunity to come to the meetup, participate in the session, support the event, shared their knowledge and helped make it successful. We appreciate your support and your dedication towards helping build CMG Australia. A special thanks also to Michael Foster for assisting with the Video Recording and to our hosts for hosting the meetup.

As part of the executive committee at CMG Australia we look forward to working with you on building a strong professional organization focused on the interest of its members including the society we all live in. Our vision for CMG Australia is to be an organization that helps its members stay relevant, promoting the concepts of SPE across the SDLC, while fostering innovation and entrepreneurship through its various professional forums.

Upcoming CMG Australia Meetup – We are working with our partners on the logistics for the next CMG Australia Meetup. Details on the event and speakers to follow. We look forward to seeing you at the next CMG Australia Meetup on the 6th of August 2014. For more details please visit – CMG Australia Meetup. Seating is limited to please RSVP as soon as possible.

Group picture taken at the end of the session –

CMGA_June4th_Pic1 CMGA_June4th_Pic2

Video recording made available through Youtube –