Next CMGA Meetup Is Just Round The Corner – Aug 6

We have just blazed through half of 2014 with the rest of the year staring us in the face. The Australian economy seems to have slowed down,  the job market is tight, opportunities are no longer as abundant as they used to be and a lot of us are having to run harder to stay in the same place. But we have got to ask ourselves if  that how things should be or is there is anything we could individually or collectively do to bring about change. Tough times we say, calls for smart action. At CMG Australia we strongly believe that action and iniCMG_Int_Newtiative combined together is what drives change and working together am sure we can make a difference.

With that in the background it’s time to announce the next CMGA Meetup. The upcoming CMG Australia Meetup is being hosted by IBM Rational. Participation at the CMG Australia Meetups is increasing and seating is limited, so please RSVP as soon as possible. The highlight of our upcoming CMGA August meetup are talks by Annie Lin, IBM Rational Expert and Nick Singh from JKVine Consulting.

CMG Australia partners IBM have offered to host the next CMG Australia Meetup. Light refreshments (Beer, Pizza, etc.) will be provided. Thanks to IBM for their support and especially to Andrew Hight, IBM Rational. We are glad to have IBM as a partner here at CMG Australia.  For details on the location please visit the CMG Australia Meetup website – Link.

The agenda for the next meetup is as follows:

Business (10mins) – General Update + Registering CMG Australia locally + CMGA Annual Mini Conference / Workshop + Misc

Guest Speaker 1 (45 Mins)  – Annie Lin, IBM 

Topic – Measuring Performance Early On: Service Virtualization To The Rescue

Speaker – Anie Lin is a Brand Specialist with IBM Rational software in Sydney Australia. Over the past 5 years she has gained experience helping organisations improve their Quality Management practices through Automation and ContinuousIBM Integration. Prior to the current role, Annie spent 3 years with Rational Technical supporting customers with their Rational product usage. Her prior experience helped her gain an understanding of Rational Product suite. This humbling experience enables her to truly appreciate the importance and impact of software quality to an organisation and it’s clients. Annie has also worked as a web application developer before joined IBM. She is a certified Kepner Tregoe Coach and Certified Rational Functional Tester, leader and organiser of Sydney Rational User group.

Abstract – Most systems being built today consist of complex application infrastructure that do leverage services hosted internally and externally i.e. hosted within the cloud. In such an scenario where IT doesn’t own the various services being delivered, validating Performance and Scalability of the system being delivered is not only challenging but also complex. Setting up connected infrastructure that offers all the 3rd party services is highly time consuming and also very expensive.

Enter Service Virtualization: Service virtualization provides organizations the ability to emulate the behaviour of specific components in heterogeneous component-based applications such as API-driven applications, cloud-based applications and service-oriented architectures eliminating the need to stand up complex application infrastructure. It is used to provide software development and QA/testing teams access to dependent system components that are needed to exercise an application under test (AUT), but are unavailable or difficult-to-access for development and testing purposes. With the behaviour of the dependent components “virtualized,” testing and development can proceed without accessing the actual live components. Service virtualization is recognized by vendors, industry analysts, and industry publications as being different than just building a set of dumb stubs.  Service Virtualization drives down the cost for performance testing by completely eliminating the need for back end infrastructure while also enabling the architecture, design and testing teams to validate application perform
ance early on in the development life cycle.

As part of this presentation we will be sharing experiences on our of recent engagement where IBM was able to leverage Service Virtualization technology to drive down the Capex while enabling the program leadership to gain a view into system performance early on in the development life cycle.

Guest Speaker 2 (20 mins): Nick Singh, JKVine

Topic : Offshoring and the Future for the Australian Performance Testing Job Market 

Tech Talk (Un-conference format) – 1.0 Hrs (As time permits)

Networking : 20mins

Thanks to Andrew Hight and IBM for their support. We are glad to have IBM as a partner here at CMG Australia. We appreciate the support from IBM in helping us spread awareness around Proactive Performance Management. Also, thanks to Annie Lin for taking time off from her busy schedule to come down and share with us her experiences on Service Virtualization and Proactive Performance Management.large_meetup_logo

RSVP Mandatory – CMG Australia is growing in size and attendance at our meetups is growing larger. To keep things manageable we have limited the number of seats for the upcoming meetup to 80.  Please note RSVP’s now end 24Hrs before the actual event i.e. on the 5th of August at 1745 Hrs AEST. This allows us to work with our partners and ensure all the logistics are taken care of in advance. You can RSVP at the CMG Australia Meetup website accessible via the Meetup image link.

If any of you have any suggestion/input/concerns with regards to the above agenda please reach out to the exec committee.

We intend for CMGA to be a platform for professionals, vendors, educational and research organizations with interests in Systems Performance to come together with an objective of building a stronger ecosystem encouraging innovation and thought leadership in SPE across the industry.

Come, join us and be part of the transformation. We’ve got an exciting future ahead and lots of great challenges to work on.

Let’s work together to ensure we stay relevant in an evolving marketplace.

CMG Aus Exec Committee