Two More Days To Go – CMGA Meetup, Aug 14

In a couple of days from now a large  number of performance enthusiasts will be catching up over some beer and pizza to hear Industry stalwarts share their experiences on various aspects of Systems Performance across the Development Life Cycle. Are you going to be one of them?

The platform is the upcoming CMGA August Meetup with a line up of action packed sessions by IBM and JKVine Consulting.  CMG Australia partners IBM have offered to host the next CMG Australia Meetup. Light refreshments (Beer, Pizza, etc.) will be provided. Thanks to IBM for their support and especially to Andrew Hight, IBM Rational. We are glad to have IBM as a partner here at CMG Australia.

For details on the location please visit the CMG Australia Meetup website – Link. The agenda for the next meetup is as follows:

Business (10mins) – General Update + Registering CMG Australia locally + CMGA Annual Mini Conference / Workshop + Misc

Guest Speaker 1 (45 Mins)  – Annie Lin, IBM

Topic – Measuring Performance Early On: Service Virtualization To The RescueCMG_Int_Large

Guest Speaker 2 (20 mins): Nick Singh, JKVine

Topic : Offshoring and the Future for the Australian Performance Testing Job Market 

Tech Talk (Un-conference format) – 1.0 Hrs (As time permits)

Networking : 20mins

Thanks to Andrew Hight and IBM for their support. We are glad to have IBM as a partner here at CMG Australia. We appreciate the support from IBM in helping us spread awareness around Proactive Performance Management. Also, thanks to Annie Lin for taking time off from her busy schedule to come down and share with us her experiences on Service Virtualization and Proactive Performance Management.large_meetup_logo

RSVP Mandatory – CMG Australia is growing in size and attendance at our meetups is growing larger. To keep things manageable we have limited the number of seats for the upcoming meetup to 80.  Please note RSVP’s now end 24Hrs before the actual event i.e. on the 5th of August at 1745 Hrs AEST. This allows us to work with our partners and ensure all the logistics are taken care of in advance. You can RSVP at the CMG Australia Meetup website accessible via the Meetup image link.

If any of you have any suggestion/input/concerns with regards to the above agenda please reach out to the exec committee. Come, join us and be part of the transformation. We’ve got an exciting future ahead and lots of great challenges to work on.

Let’s work together to ensure we stay relevant in an evolving marketplace.

CMG Aus Exec Committee