CMGA Launch in NSW – Meetup Scheduled For 16th September 2014

Proud to be part of CMG Australia – Our Vision and Mission statements are a bold affirmation of where we want to go, what will we do to get there and how we see the ecosystem around us evolving. While CMG Australia has been in existence for more than 30+ years this is truly a new chapter in its life. We are proud to announce the launch of CMG Australia here in NSW.

For those who are visiting CMG Australia for the first time, here’s a summary of CMG Australia’s Vision.

Our Vision –  Our vision is to create a platform where Professionals, Individuals, Research & Educational Organizations, Vendors & Services Organizations with interests in aspects of SPE :

  • Can come together and talk about important issues that impact it’s members and the economy in which it operates
  • Build programs with a focus on continuous learning and encourage participation among its members
  • Help it’s members keep in touch with relevant industry concepts and changing paradigmsCMG_Int_Large_Scaled
  • Lobby for increased visibility across the ICT industry and recognition of its members skills
  • Conduct workshops that bring together decision makers and technologists with a focus on increasing awareness on the importance of SPE
  • Be seen and recognized as an Professional ICT Body that stands for the interests of its members and has a focus on growing industry maturity
  • Works towards bridging the gap with regards to availability of skills in the marketplace
  • Work with Educational Organizations on increasing awareness among students on the benefits of taking up a career in SPE
  • Create standards that allow professionals and vendor organizations to certify themselves and obtain accreditation

 At CMGA all its partners and members are called upon to collaborate, contribute and work together towards ensuring that we have a strong ecosystem, a industry platform for both professionals and partners working towards addressing the lack of maturity in the Systems Performance Engineering space across Australia. We envision a strong industry platform which brings together SPE professionals from all walks of life with the objective of collaborating, increasing awareness of SPE and working together to create a competitive vibrant economy that understands the importance of SPE across the SDLC.

For more details on mission, initiatives and meetups please visit –

Launch of CMG NSW – We are truly excited to announce the launch of CMG Australia here in NSW. We would like to thank all our partners, existing members and especially members of the Executive Committee hereemite at CMG Australia for all their assistance in getting us to where we are. We thank everyone for their support and look forward to working with each of you as a team. CMG Australia NSW has scheduled it’s first meetup on the 16th of September 2014.

eMite has offered to host the first CMG Australia Meetup here in Sydney, Australia. Light refreshments (Beer, Pizza, etc.) will be provided. We are working closely with our partners on finalizing the logistics for the first NSW CMG Australia Meetup. Please check this space for details.

Please click here to register for the event – Meetup@CMGA, NSW

  • Speaker 1 – Darren Geros, eMite
  • Topic – Automated Correlation For Purposes of Performance & Capacity Management
  • Abstract – In this talk Darren Gerros will be presenting the value of automated correlation using performance and business related metrics from various IT systems including monitoring tools for purposes of Capacity Planning. The talk will also describe an approach for leveraging the relationships or hierarchies from one’s ITSM / CMDB tools to automatically create the capacity planning models based on the correlated data.
  • Bio – Darren Geros is the Senior Vice President of Business Development at eMite. Darren has decades of experience working closely with customers helping them build capability on Performance & Capacity Management.


  • Speaker 2 – Julian Davies,  NCC Group
  • Topic – Web Performance Optimization
  • Abstract – As performance engineers we instinctively know that performance is important, but how do we persuade the business to invest ?  ECommerce websites provide an excellent opportunity to analyse the effect of user experienced performance on behaviour and important commercial metrics.  This short presentation on ‘the need for speed’ explores the techniques for measuring user performance and how that correlates with important commercial metrics, as a tool for engaging ‘the business’ in performance optimisation.
  • Bio – Julian Davies has been working in the web performance industry for over 11 years, for Site Confidence, and NCC group, specifically in the realm of user experience testing and front end optimisation.  During that time, Julian has worked more most of the top UK ecommerce business and many within the evolving Australian eCommerce market.

Tech Talk (Un-conference format) – 1 Hr (Depending on time available)

Networking : 20mins

Thanks to Darren Geros and eMite for putting their hand up and offering to host the first CMG Australia NSW Meetup. We appreciate the support from eMite on helping us spread the practice of Proactive Performance Management.

Please note that seating is limited and RSVP’s now end 24Hrs before the actual event i.e. on the 15th of September 2014 at 1745 Hrs AEST. This allows us to work with our partners and ensure all the logistics required are in place.

If any of you have any suggestion/input/concerns with regards to the above agenda please reach out to the exec committee. If you have the bandwidth and are willing to help please reach the Exec Committee view the meetup contact options.

We intend for CMG Australia to be a platform for professionals, partners, academia and research organizations with interests in Systems Performance to come together with an objective of building a stronger ecosystem encouraging innovation and thought leadership in SPE across the industry.

Come, join us and be part of the transformation. We’ve got an exciting future ahead and lots of great challenges to work on.

Let’s work together to ensure we stay relevant in an evolving marketplace.

CMG Aus Exec Committee

  • Marty Bolger – Secretary
  • Michael Foster – Treasurer
  • Theo Adis – Events Lead
  • Masodah M – Vice President
  • Trevor Warren – President