CMG Australia (ACT) Meetup Scheduled : Nov 18th 2014


We are proud to announce the launch of CMG Australia here in Canberra, ACT. CMG Australia meetups are a great opportunity for professionals, academics, researchers and students with interest on aspects of SPE (Systems Performance Engineering) across the Development Life Cycle to come together, catchup over a beer and some pizza and to talk about aspects related to Systems Performance. Are you going to be one of them?. Seating is limited so please RSVP and reserve a seat while you can.CMG_Int_New

CMG Australia’s re-launch (Dec 13) has helped bring together professionals, partners, academia, researchers and students with interest in different aspects of SPE (Systems Performance Engineering) across the Development Life Cycle here in Victoria and NSW. With your support we are keen to grow the community in ACT.   It’s almost a year since we kicked off CMG Australia (First Meetup in Melbourne) and we are looking forward to our birthday celebrations at the coming meetup to be held in Melbourne, you are all invited to the party.

We are grateful to Computer Associates and specially Anubhav  for providing us a conference room that we could use for the upcoming meetup. We thank CA for their support and look forward to working with them closely through rest of the FY 15.

Business (10mins) – CMGA President – What does CMGA Stand For & Why We Do What We Do

Sessions (30mins each) –CA_Technologies-logo

• Speaker 1 : Ben O’Loghlin
• Topic – Why we do what we do. Why is fast response time so important from the points of view of neuroscience and economics
• Abstract : NA
• Bio – Ben O’Loghlin is the thought-leader in website performance — a radical new approach to improving the performance of the online sales function.
As a consultant and a speaker, he brings provocative insights and groundbreaking ideas to CEOs and CFOs of ASX200 companies, and Managing Directors and owners of small but fast-growing e-tailers. A 13-year fascination with application performance management has made Ben a sought-after consultant and industry leader, assisting his clients achieve profits, business process velocity and workforce productivity. Now as the CEO of debounce, Ben rigorously documents how the absence of speed drives users to abandon websites — and the dramatic impact this has on online sales.

• Speaker 2 : Trevor Warren

• Topic – Common Mistakes & How-to Avoid Making Them

• Abstract :  The last 15 years of working on programs big and small has taught me that irrespective of the geography, vertical or size of the customer organization, the types of mistakes made across the development life cycle that leads to systems not being able to meet their Non Functional Requirements is quite common. Delivering poor end user experiences and systems that fail to meet customer expectations seems to be the norm with a handful of exceptions. Throwing expensive consultants or products into the mix isn’t the answer. So what can we do to prevent our projects/customers from making the same mistakes. We’ll explore some of them in this session.

•  Bio : Trevor  Warren (Linked In) sees himself as a entrepreneur who focuses on building innovative solutions that have the potential to impact people’s lives in a positive manner. Trevor is inquisitive by nature, loves asking questions and sometimes does get into trouble for doing so. He’s passionate about certain things in life, building communities and solutions that have the ability to impact people’s lives in a positive manner are a few of them. He believes that he can change the world and is doing the little he can to change it in his own little ways. When not hacking, building new products, writing content for Practical Performance Analyst, dreaming up new concepts or building castles in the air, you can catch-him bird spotting (watching planes fly above his house).large_meetup_logo

Tech Talk (Un-conference format) – As time permits

Networking – 20mins

RSVP’s Mandatory – To keep things manageable we have limited the number of seats for the upcoming meetup to 20. Please note RSVP’s now end 24Hrs before the actual event i.e. on the 17th of November 2014 at 1730 Hrs AEST. This allows us to work with our partners and ensure all the logistics required are in place. Please click on the Meetup logo on this page to take you to the CMGA Meetup site where you can RSVP to the upcoming CMGA Meetup.

If any of you have any suggestion/input/concerns with regards to the above agenda please reach out to the exec committee. If you have the bandwidth and are willing to help please reach the Exec Committee view the meetup contact options.

Come Join Us, Keep Learning, Stay Relevant – We intend for CMG Australia to be a platform for professionals, partners, academia and research organizations with interests in Systems Performance to come together with an objective of building a stronger ecosystem encouraging innovation and thought leadership in SPE across the industry.

Come, join us and be part of the transformation. We’ve got an exciting future ahead and lots of great challenges to work on. Let’s work together to ensure we stay relevant in an evolving marketplace.

CMG Aus Exec Committee