Committee Members

CMG Australia re-commenced its various initiatives in Dec 2013 however, elections to the CMG Australia executive committee were held in Feb 2014. The current term of the CMG Australia committee is set at 12 months.

CMG Australia executive committee constitutes of professionals who volunteer their time towards furthering the mission and vision of CMG Australia. The CMG Australia executive committee is focused on serving its members and laying the foundations for a strong professional organization which has the interests of its members at heart including the interests of the society it exists in.

We also acknowledge and greatly appreciate all the work done by the past CMG Australia committee.

The current CMG Australia Executive Committee comprises of the following individuals:

  • Treasurer – Michael Foster – (LinkedIn)
  • Secretary – Mark Perry – (LinkedIn)
  • Events Lead – Trevor Warren (LinkedIn)
  • Vice President – Marty Bolger (LinkedIn)
  • President – Theo Adis (LinkedIn)

We are always on the lookout for individuals with strong experience and relevant current industry experience in Systems Performance Engineering to assist with building a strong professional organization. We encourage you to sign up at the CMG Australia meetup page and reach out to rest of the members over the CMG Australia mailing list.

If you are keen to volunteer your services and have:

  • At-least a decade of experience in any of the Systems Performance Engineering disciplines
  • Have a keen interest in any of the Systems Performance Engineering related disciplines
  • Are passionate about what you do in Systems Performance Engineering
  • Are willing to devote time on a weekly basis towards building a professional body that promotes the profession of Systems Performance Engineering across ANZ

Please reach out to us at admin at cmgaus dot org.

We would also encourage you to visit the Vision/Mission page and read up on our initiatives before sending in your nomination. CMG Australia is a Not For Profit organization and all the office bearers will be working as a team towards achieving it’s Vision & Mission through a prioritized set of initiatives. If you have any questions please reach out to us at admin at cmgaus dot org.

We would encourage anyone interested in volunteering and helping build CMG to please register their interest using the Contact Us form available on this website or send us an email at admin at cmgaus dot org. We are always on the look out for enthusiastic individuals who are see value in what we are doing and are willing to work with us on growing maturity and acceptance of Systems Performance Engineering across the Systems Life Cycle.