Becoming A Member

If you have got this far you obviously have convinced yourself that getting membership of CMG Australia is beneficial to you and your professional career. At this point Membership to CMG Australia doesn’t include any Membership fees. You can become a CMG member at any time by filling in the membership form and submitting it to the board. We also recommend that you sign up to the CMG Meetup Group using the links on the right hand side menu of this website. We will be using the CMG Australia Meetup group to keep in touch with our members and share information with regards to upcoming events and workshops.

Membership at CMG Australia is valid for the current year and needs to be renewed on a yearly basis. We are currently in the process of updating our membership forms, including the membership terms and conditions.

We are in the process of setting up a Members Only section at CMG Australia which will hold all the workshop proceedings, conference


proceedings, paper presentations and other relevant material. CMG Australia members will be provided access to the relevant sections of the website.

All CMG Australia members must abide by the CMG by laws and CMG’s Code of Conduct. Please refer to the By Laws section for details on Code of Conduct.

Please sign up to CMG Australia using the Meetup Link. You can also find the Meetup applet on the right hand side of this page.