Monthly Meeting Logistics

The monthly CMG Australia meeting is an opportunity for all of its professional, academic, research and partner members to come together, network, learn and share. Conducting these sessions requires a bit of co-ordination and your assistance with these logistics would be highly appreciated. For now we envisage assistance with the following:

  • Venue related Logistics – Event Logistics Lead / Regional Vice Presidents

    • Identifying a partner who can offer a Conference room to host the monthly meeting
    • Working with the partner to arrange a projector at the Conference Room for the monthly meeting
    • Working with the partner to arrange for nibbles and drinks
    • Working with the partner on setting up a bridge for dial including setting up the webcast (Google Hangout)
    • Opening up the bridge and the webcast on the day of the session
    • Sorting out any other logistics and identifying other resources you might need to help out with tasks
    • Sending out the communications in advance with the dial-in details
  • Recording Of Session – Event Logistics Lead / Regional Vice Presidents

    • Arranging of camera and tripod to record the session
    • Obtaining media to record the session. Duration of events to be considered.
    • Setup of camera and operation of camera during the course of the event
    • Handing over of the video to Trevor to be uploaded to Youtube
  • Maintaining the CMG Australia Website – Vice President

    • Encouraging members to write posts/articles for the website
    • Working with members on publishing posts/articles for the website
    • Be responsible for general web administration stuff on the WordPress website
    • Updating the Meetup Group page ( with the venue/time details for the upcoming meeting
    • Updating the Eventbrite ( Group page with the venue/time details for the upcoming meeting
  • Alliances, Marketing & Promotion – President

    • Works closely with the CMG Aus board
    • Is responsible for the overall Alliances, Promotion & Marketing strategy
    • Is responsible for strengthening our current alliances – Professionals, Vendors, Academia, Research organization
    • Works on increasing visibility across Social Media Platforms
    • Is responsible for growing CMG Australia’s alliances in relevant areas partnering with key professional Academic, Research, Industry organizations including Peer Industry groups
    • Is responsible for Marketing & Promotions at Workshops, Events and Conferences

The organizing member is responsible for finding a replacement to manage their duties in case of a planned absence.

CMG Australia is a Non Profit Organization and the success of it’s various initiatives depends on the volunteer effort of it’s members. Please reach out to us at admin at cmgaus dot org and let us know if you can help with any of the above.