Minutes Of The Meeting – 4th Dec 2013


CMG Australia kicked off to a roaring start on the evening of 4th of Dec 2013. The meeting was attended by 15 CMGites with varied interests in Systems Performance. The meeting was held at CPT’s offices at Southbank, Melbourne. The agenda for the meeting included:

  • Business of the day – Startup Basics by Trevor Warren.(Startup _Basics_v0.3)
    • Trevor spent 20 minutes sharing his views on the Vision and Mission for CMG Australia,
    • Trevor spoke about Why we need a professional organization like CMG and What can we as professionals can offer CMG Australia.
    • Trevor also then briefly touched upon the various initiatives that CMG might consider for the first year
    • He ended with a summary of the reasons why everyone needs to work together to make CMG Australia the professional platform it needs to be.
  • Tech Talks – Stuart Montcrieff
    • Stuart moderated the session and using an innovative format called “Un-Conference”
    • CMGites nominated topics they thought was relevant, wrote them on  postits and stuck them to a whiteboard
    • Individuals then scored the topics and the top three relevant topics were chosen
    • Individuals whose nominations were chosen were requested to moderate the session by introducing ideas and then engaging others in the audience
    • Moderators were responsible for keeping the discussions focused and ideas flowing for the
    • The topics included:
      • Challenges The Industry Faces – Moderated by Tim Koopmans
      • Why Managers Do Not Get Performance Testing – Moderated by Stuart Montcrieff
      • What do we want CMG Australia to be – Moderated by Michael Foster
  • Networking – CMGites spent the remaining 15minutes before close off networking with each other and getting to know the other professionals in the audience

It was agreed that the next CMG Australia meeting would be held in Feb with the following agenda:

  • Election of the committee & other business – 45mins
  • Techtalk – 1Hr (Un-conference format)
  • Networking (15mins)

The following individuals have confirmed that they would be responsible for the following:

  • CMG Australia Website maintenance – Tim Koopmans
  • Meeting Logistics – Theo Adis (In proxy by Marty Bolger)
  • Alliances, Promotions & Marketing – Marty Bolger
  • Video Recording – Michael Foster

We are thankful to –

  • CPT Australia for providing us the venue and to Marty Bolger for being such a wonderful host.
  • Michael Foster who was highly patient and recorded the sessions on his camera.
  • Prashant Kaushik for assisting with the webcast setup
  • All the other CMGites for being there and making it a productive and learning session

Pictures from the session are presented below –

 Monthly_Meeting_04122013_Pic2 Monthly_Meeting_04122013_Pic1


Video recording of the Techtalks are presented below –