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Gayle Allan (Cakes and Ale)
"To thine own self be true": Shakespeare's ITIL Managers (abstract)

Tony Allan (APMS)
Web 2.0 - Your Friend is my Friend (no paper available) (abstract)

John Anderson (IBM Canada)
Using System z to reduce Oracle Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) (presentation 1.1Mb) (abstract)
Software Asset Management for Capacity Planners (abstract)

Mike Bookey (VMware)
How Virtualization Complements New-Generation Hardware (presentation) (abstract)

Todd Bourne (CPT Global Limited)
Co-presented by Theo Adis (CPT Global Limited)
Internet Business Capacity Modelling - More Tiers, Less Tears (abstract)

Bradley Bruhahn (Sandpiper Data Systems, Inc.)
The Birth of Intelligent Storage Management - or Why traditional Storage Management has to change (presentation 4.3Mb) (abstract)

Graham Elliott (Microsoft Australia)
Design for Operations - Building Manageable Enterprise Applications for Windows (presentation 1.5Mb - Microsoft pps format) (abstract)

Paul Fenwick (Perl Training Australia)
Swiss Army Chainsaw (no paper available) (abstract)

Jim Franklin (CSC Australia)
Using the Mainframe as a File and Process Server (abstract)

Ivan Gelb (CMG US) - Keynote
Top Ten Best Practices for Improved z/OS Performance and Lower TCO (presentation) (abstract)

Peter Greening (Peter L Greening & Associates P/L)
From ITIL to standards-based ITSM (paper coming soon) (abstract)

Neil Gunther (Performance Dynamics)
Presented by Steve Jenkin.
Reconstructing the Future: Capacity Planning with Data That's Gone Troppo (abstract)

Craig Linn (University of Western Sydney)
Windows I/O Performance: File System and Cache Manager Considerations (abstract)

* Yan Jenny Liu, Liming Zhu, Ian Gorton (National ICT Australia Limited)
Model Driven Capacity Planning: Methods and Tools (abstract)

Barry Merrill (Merrill Consultants)
Breakfast and Beroccas with Barry (presentation) (abstract)

** Rod Parsons (National Australia Bank Ltd)
Targeted Capacity Planning: Delivering a Business Focussed, Cost Effective Service (abstract)

Richard Ralston (Humana, Inc.)
The Holy Grail - Reporting IT Performance to the Business (presentation) (abstract)
zSeries, Sub-Capacity Workload License Charges, Soft-Caps, and WLM (abstract)

Ingo Schulz (SAS International)
Presented by Morten Halver.
Governing the IT Capacity Management process (presentation 2.9Mb) (abstract)

Richard Seery (SAS EMEA - International)
Presented by Dev Mookerjee (SAS).
Capacity, Financial and Service Level Management - The IT Bermuda Triangle? (presentation) (abstract)

Carl Stanfield (EMC)
Windows Admins.... and Long-term capacity planning.... do the two go together? (abstract)

Alan Thwaites (Sun Microsystems)
Performance Data from Storage Arrays (presentation) (abstract)

Mike Tsykin (Fujitsu Australia Ltd), James Bouhana (Performance International Inc.)
Presented by James Bouhana.
Active Baselining in Passive Environments (abstract)

Mike Tsykin, Chris Langshaw (Fujitsu Australia Ltd) and James Bouhana (Performance International Inc.)
Presented by James Bouhana.
Measurement of Transaction-Based End-To-End Response Time in Un-Armed Environments (abstract)

**President's Prize Winner
*Best First Year Presenter