The Forums at CMG Australia are a place where professionals with interests in Systems Performance Engineering in Australia come together, share experiences, network, learn and help others learn. We’ve encourage you to join and participate in our forums at Meetup “CMG Australia Meetup“. The forums also provides a listing of all upcoming CMG Australia events and conferences.

Participation at the forums is free and you do not necessarily have to be an Australian resident or citizen to participate. You can click on the meetup image to sign up to the forums. The forums are also a place to ….

  • Give us feedback on the various initiatives we are currently running
  • Tell us what are the other initiatives that we could be working on
  • Tell us where you could help and how you could be of assistance
  • Ask questions about Performance Engineering, Application Performance Management, Performance & Capacity Management
  • Start discussion on topics related to Systems Performance Engineering across the SDLC
  • Help us improve our focus and outcomes here at CMG Australia

In addition to keeping tabs on upcoming events our forums also are a great place  to share your experiences, ask questions about issues you are facing, rant about performance challenges that are keeping you awake and learn from experiences of others. We encourage you to join the community and get the conversation started at –

We appreciate your support in building the community of Systems Performance Engineers here in Australia. We look forward to hearing from you.