Membership Benefits

CMG Australia members receive and contribute to several technical, non-technical and informative publications. Focused on computer performance topics, these publications connect you with other industry professionals. We are currently in the process of reviewing our membership rules and regulations and are considering introducing a small membership fee to cover the yearly administration costs.

Members of CMG Australia are professionals with interests around Systems Performance Engineering and are primarily concerned with Performance & Capacity Management of  systems across the Software Development Life Cycle. Systems Performance Engineering is a discipline that focuses on the Proactive Performance & Capacity Management of System Performance across the Software Development Life Cycle. Systems Performance Engineering includes the following disciplines:

  • Performance Modelling
  • Capacity Planning & Management
  • Performance Testing
  • Application Performance Management
  • System & Application Performance Monitoring
  • Application Diagnostics & Optimization

As a professional you stand to benefit in various ways:

  • Network with other professionals with interests in Systems Performance Engineering here in Australia
  • Get free access to CMG Australia workshops and webcasts conducted locally here in Australia
  • Keep in touch with Industry trends and learn about products and technologies relevant to professionals in Systems Performance Engineering
  • Meet with researchers and academics with interests in Systems Performance Engineering
  • Participate in industry conferences and represent CMG at state and national level events advocating the cause of Proactive Performance Management
  • Get discounted rates on commercial workshops and events conducted by CMG here in Australia
  • Get discounted access to all CMG International publications, periodicals and papers at the CMG website (
  • Get discounted access to CMG International workshops and conferences

Members also get access to discounts and deals from our following partners:


You will find additional details on the various discounts and deals at the CMG Australia Members only pages. We’ll be adding to this list as we expand our partnerships.

Please Note – Members of CMG Australia can take up membership and participate at CMG International. However Membership of CMG International isn’t required to be part of CMG Australia. It is mandatory that all members of the CMG Australia Board have CMG International Membership. Membership to CMG Australia is FREE.

Benefits of CMG International Membership – CMG International’s conference proceedings has all the information presented at the annual CMG conference. With more than one hundred papers on current hot topics, the CMG Proceedings is your best source of the latest information in the expanding field of IT.

CMG Journal, a technical publication, provides an additional source of information to CMG members and is published three times a year.

The Bulletin is a newsletter written by members for members. This publication includes vital information from CMG’s national, regional, and international groups and is published twice a year. The Proceedings and Journals Subject Index allows easy access to all CMG published articles and is available in machine readable form.

Members who take up a CMG International Membership also obtain the following benefits:

  • International Conference – presentation of all the papers printed in the CMG International Proceedings, as well as invited guest speakers. Your current membership in CMG entitles you to receive a discount on your annual global conference registration.
  • Discounts – you will also receive discounted pricing for other CMG International Publications and Collectibles at CMG (
  • Members Only Web Access – your membership includes access to an internal CMG International Web site containing electronic copies of many CMG Publications. The CMG Members Only currently offers 10 years worth of past conference proceedings.