Rules Of Conduct

CMG Australia is a volunteer organization, led by an elected group of volunteers. Computer Measurement Group  Australia is a not-for-profit organization of IT professionals committed to sharing information and best practices focused on ensuring the efficiency and scalability of IT service delivery to the enterprise through measurement, quantitative analysis and forecasting. The official website for CMG Global can be found here ( CMG Australia is a chapter of CMG Global and has been setup with the objective of promoting the profession of Systems Performance Engineering across Australia.

The goal of CMG Australia is to share information and help its members stay updated with the latest industry trends, bridge the skills gap by working closely with educational institutions, foster collaboration between research and industry, work towards building a set of universal industry standards and most importantly work with the decision makers across industry educating them on the importance of Proactive Performance Management in their IT organization.

It is these set of responsibilities and goals which makes CMG unique and to which the CMG code of ethics apply. Our rules of conduct can be broadly summarized as follows:

  • All CMG members shall act according to the highest standards and visions of their institution, profession, and conscience.
  • CMG members shall abide by the CMG Bylaws and other CMG policies as documented in CMG’s Policies and Procedures Manual.
  • CMG members shall keep privileged information confidential.
  • CMG members shall not use the CMG Attendee List or any other membership list for sales, marketing or recruitment purposes
  • CMG members will not use the CMG platform to sell or market products or services, or perform recruitment of any sort

What CMG Members can do using the CMG Platform:

  • Network with their counterparts, learn about upcoming industry trends and concepts
  • Participate in sessions where CMG partner member organizations share relevant concepts and product related information
  • Participate in sessions where CMG professional members share information on relevant concepts
  • Participate in sessions with industry professionals and members to increase awareness and understanding of SPE related tools and concepts
  • Use the CMG logo in their email signature to display their CMG membership credentials

Members of CMG Australia are professionals with interests around Systems Performance Engineering and are primarily concerned with Performance & Capacity Management of  systems across the Software Development Life Cycle. Systems Performance Engineering is a discipline that focuses on the proactive management of System Performance across the Software Development Life Cycle. Systems Performance Engineering includes the following disciplines:

  • Performance Modelling
  • Capacity Planning & Management
  • Performance Testing
  • Application Performance Management
  • System & Application Performance Monitoring
  • Application Diagnostics & Optimization

All CMG members are expected to conduct themselves in a honest and professional manner with strict adherence to the chapters bylaws and membership rules.