Why Join CMG

Lately there’s been a lot of talk about the importance of social networking via the web including LinkedIn.  Upcoming generations of kids are more comfortable with interacting solely through the Internet – voice communications seem to be less important to them.  But in the business environment this is not necessarily the case.  Yes, we do interact via email, webcast and instant messaging, but our roles still require face to face interactions.

But what does this have to do with CMG?  Did you ever wonder how CMG got started?  It originated as the Boole and Babbage User Group (BBUG) in the mid seventies when a group of  people had a common interest in measuring and managing those very expensive mainframe computers.  Computers were so expensive back then that it was an absolute necessity to squeeze every MIP of capacity out of the system before acquiring another one.  And for a while, it seemed like distributed systems were so cheap that there was no need to worry about performance or capacity planning.  But it turns out that the cost for a given amount of processing is just as high, so the business need is as strong as ever.

As computer performance  management and capacity planning became increasingly important, the group of people grew, and BBUG became CMG.  In 35 years CMG has grown into a worldwide organization that provides its members with more than just the annual conference; there are additional resources such as  MeasureIT, CMG Journal, webcasts, CMG Forum, regional groups, and of course the ongoing training and networking opportunities.  Did you know that there are still a few CMG attendees who have NEVER missed a CMG conference?  In these days of webinars and online meetings, that speaks volumes to the value that is seen by individuals attending the annual conference.

Because of the current economic environment, most conferences are down in attendance.  While that’s understandable, the alternatives such as webinars and other online  training facilities just do not provide the value of in person attendance..  How many webinars have you attended where you  can sit through the whole thing, uninterrupted, free of distractions, without checking emails  the entire time?  I’ve tried that;  it doesn’t ever work that way, does it? What about the interactions with the presenter, or even others in attendance?

When you attend CMG’s meetings, webcasts, local workshops or annual conference, you get personal interaction on multiple levels:

  • with approachable experts who have backgrounds in just about every technology, operating system and related industry areas
  • with your peers,  people who face the exact same issues you do every day.  (Even if you don’t know you have a specific question, you can hear and join discussions of topics  that apply in your shop.)
  • with exhibitors; sure, they want to sell you something, but they can also dish out some pretty cool advice and insights

If you factor in the presentations, webcasts, workshops and networking sessions you have a premier experience that commercial training just can’t compete with. Finally, CMG delivers a breadth of training not available in a class (or webinar) that focuses on a single topic.  If you’re cross-training in another area (and who isn’t these days?), CMG attendance is essential.  It’s that simple.  CMG is the go-to place for our profession.

So what are you waiting for?

Dave Thorn
General Chair, CMG’09