Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision and Mission statements are a bold affirmation of where we want to go, what will we do to get there and how we see the ecosystem around us evolving. While CMG Australia has been in existence for more than 30+ years this is a new chapter in its life. All CMG members are called upon to contribute and work together towards ensuring that we have a strong ecosystem, a industry platform for both professionals and partners working towards addressing the lack of maturity in the Systems Performance Engineering space across Australia.

Our Vision –  Our vision is to create a platform where Professionals, Individuals, Research & Educational Organizations, Vendors & Services Organizations with interests in aspects of SPE :

  • Can come together and talk about important issues that impact it’s members and the economy in which it operates
  • Build programs with a focus on continuous learning and encourage participation among its members
  • Help it’s members keep in touch with relevant industry concepts and changing paradigms
  • Lobby for increased visibility across the ICT industry and recognition of its members skills
  • Conduct workshops that bring together decision makers and technologists with a focus on increasing awareness on the importance of SPE
  • Be seen and recognized as an Professional ICT Body that stands for the interests of its members and has a focus on growing industry maturity
  • Works towards bridging the gap with regards to availability of skills in the marketplace
  • Work with Educational Organizations on increasing awareness among students on the benefits of taking up a career in SPE
  • Create standards that allow professionals and vendor organizations to certify themselves and obtain accreditation

We have a bold vision which focuses on creating a brighter future by addressing some of the major challenges and issues that plague the industry today.

Our Mission – The mission of CMG Australia is to :

  • Conduct regular workshops (monthly/quarterly) for our members with a focus on discussing relevant issues, networking and learning
  • Conduct yearly workshops for decision makers and technologists with an objective of increasing awareness of proactive Performance Management across the SDLC
  • Host Trade Shows and create opportunities where vendor organizations and professionals can showcase their talent and capability
  • Work with other ICT organizations across Australia and lobby for increased recognition of SPE skills and it’s importance across the SDLC
  • Work with educational organizations on promoting the profession of SPE across the student community
  • Create courses that give professionals and member organizations the ability to certify themselves and obtain industry accreditation
  • Work with industry and educational organizations on addressing the gaps in availability of relevant skills

You are invited to send us your thoughts, input and comments on our Vision and Mission statement. Work with us in create a stronger ecosystem of SPE professionals and partners across Australia.