As a Non Profit Organization CMG Australia is keen to bring together professionals, individuals, commercial product & services organizations, research organizations and educational institutions with interests in Systems Performance Engineering (SPE). At CMG Australia we understand the need for partnerships to build a strong ecosystem. We are keen to build an ecosystem with a focus on:

  • Creating opportunities for local SPE professionals, product and services organizations
  • Give our professional members the opportunity to reach out and network with local product and services vendors
  • Give the local SPE community an opportunity to showcase it’s talents and capability
  • Provide a forum to lobby for standards and advocate Proactive Performance Management
  • Create a forum where decision makers and professionals can network with products and services organizations
  • Reach out to educational institutions, advocate the need for more educational content on SPE and work on creating SPE educational content

CMG Australia is glad to have the support of the following organizations –

Organization Contact Specialization Link
Andrew Brockfield Application Performance Management Link
Lawrence Tso Performance & Capacity Management Link
Reuben Korngold APM/Performance Testing Link
Andrew Earl Performance Testing/APM Link
Marty Bolger Capacity Management/Performance Testing/APM Link
Roger Boyd Application Performance Management Link
Simon Matschoss APM/Performance Testing Link
Darren Geros Capacity Management & Analytics Link
Tim Koopmans Performance Testing Link
Andrew Hight ALM & Performance Testing Link
Stuart Montcrieff Performance Testing/APM Link
Nick Singh/John Strumila Performance Testing/APM Link
Liming Zhu Software Performance Engineering Link
Julian Davies APM/Performance Testing Link
Zoltan Szentgyorgyi APM/Performance Testing Link
Pasi Karjanmaa APM Link
Prof. John Grundy Software Performance Engineering Link

At CMG we are working with our members on creating a platform for professionals, individuals, product vendors, services organizations, educational  and research institutions. CMG Australia is a Not For Profit organization working on bringing together all of the above entities with the objective of increasing awareness of Proactive Performance Management practices and evolving much required standards across the industry.

We are looking to partner with like minded organizations from the following domains:

  • Commercial Product Vendors
  • Commercial Services Organizations
  • Professional organizations and bodies
  • Universities
  • Education organizations
  • Research Organizations
  • Non Profit Professional ICT Organizations

We understand the need for stronger representation of our professional skills at an industry level and our approach to partnering with organizations is a step in the right direction. If you are a professional organization, university or an educational organization with interests in Systems Performance Engineering please reach out to us using the Contact Us form available on this website.

We will update this page with relevant details of our partnerships as the situation evolves.