Partner Responsibilities

At CMG we are working with our members on creating a platform for professionals, individuals, product vendors, services organizations, educational and research institutions. CMG Australia is a Not For Profit organization working on bringing together all of the above entities with the objective of increasing awareness of Proactive Performance Management practices and evolving much required standards across the industry.

We are looking to partner with like minded organizations from the following domains:

  • Commercial Product Vendors
  • Commercial Services Organizations
  • Professional organizations and bodies
  • Universities
  • Education organizations
  • Research Organizations
  • Non Profit Professional ICT Organizations

At CMG we understand the importance of a strong systems that includes professionals, commercial partners, research organizations and academic organizations. We also realize that to increase awareness on the practices of “Proactive Performance Management” and create more opportunities we all have to work together as a team.

The responsibilities of our partners include –

  • Nominating a contact from the organization who attends the CMG Australia meetings
  • Working with the CMG Australia committee on translating it’s Vision & Mission into practical on the ground initiatives
  • Participating and providing support for CMG Australia’s Initiatives
  • Actively participate in the CMG Australia Meetup forums, CMG Monthly meetings and Engaging with the CMG Australia committee as required
  • Offering meeting/conference rooms to host monthly CMG Australia Meetings & Workshops
  • Providing sponsorship for Professional & Industry workshops and conferences

We understand the need for stronger representation of our professional skills at an industry level and our approach to partnering with organizations is a step in the right direction. If you are a professional organization, university or an educational organization with interests in Systems Performance Engineering please reach out to us using the Contact Us form available on this website.